Finding Inspiration: Out on the motorbike a thrilling day out

Finding inspiration out on the motorbike is a thrilling day out and exciting as to what I may find to create my jewellery designs. Where I live there is an abundance of beaches and countryside to find inspiration to create my contemporary jewellery to incorporate a precious connection of some kind, be it a special find from a favourite place visited such as the seaside and beachcombing, a piece of sea glass, a beach pebble, a favourite flower, colour, texture or pattern, which fills me with excitement and a head full of ideas I have to draw and jot down before I forget. 

When I go out looking for inspiration there is no better way than cruising on a motorbike, and as the saying goes “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of the car window” travelling on a motorbike is just wonderful!

I love to ride out with my partner on his Harley Vrod, but will love it even more when I get my own motorbike and put my “tins” on, that are waiting desperately to become the pride of place sparkling in the sunshine from the rainbow drusy effect of the bike art I had done.

The fabulous drusy effect on my tank in the image above gave me inspiration for one of my jewellery collections “A Fusion of Colour” using my mixed media process. 

The lovely beach visited in the image is Instow, Appledore is in the distance. Both are beautiful places to visit in North Devon. You can travel from one to the other using the Appledore Instow Ferry.

Here are some website links to learn more about the Instow and Appledore.



Motorbikes and visiting beaches are just two of my passions, I have more interests which I will write about in future posts.

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