Jewellery Hallmarking: Authentic Crystal Clarke Jewellery

Hallmarking is carried out by an Assay office and is a series of official marks on precious metals and guarantees authenticity and metal purity. There are 4 Assay Offices in the UK, My jewellery hallmarks are carried out by the Birmingham Assay Office.

By law, items made of precious metals and mixed metals weighing over a certain weight have to be hallmarked. Items still can be hallmarked if the item is below the required weight, it is entirely up to the maker. Hallmarking proves to the customer that they are getting the real deal and not just some plated item. Silver items that just have 925 on them does not mean that item is hallmarked. Any one can stamp 925 on metal, it means nothing and you cannot be 100% sure that the metal is even sterling silver.

All of my sterling pieces are marked with the conventional UK marks.  If an item is mixed metals eg. silver and titanium then +titanium is added to the hallmark, the same goes for niobium and copper. If an item is silver and gold fill then +metal is added to the hallmark.

My jewellery designs are fully hallmarked with my personal makers mark (CC), this simply stands for Crystal Clarke. As well as my makers mark there is the date letter, metal purity, sterling silver mark plus the anchor denoting where the hallmarking took place which is the Birmingham Assay Office.

A hallmark dealers notice is required to be displayed in any shop selling precious metal items. This is a regulation of the British Hallmarking Council and it is to help consumers understand what hallmarking is about.

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