Wool Jewellery

British sheep and alpaca wools are felted using various methods and using my mixed media process to create original, unique jewellery designs in a lovely combination of colours.

I’m passionate about designing and making jewellery from raw materials. I love colour, texture, patterns and shapes to create unique pieces of jewellery.

My mixed media process involves using an eco resin with varied and recycled materials to create a base sheet. I pierce saw cut my designs and further enhance them by hand texturing, hand painting, felting wool, fibres, yarns to create original, unique pieces of jewellery.

Merino wool is available in an array of beautiful colours that any colour combination can be achieved through wet felting. Hand painting and dyeing wool is one area I am exploring and really enjoying the process. Dyes from various flowers and plants is another area of exploration, I am finding very interesting.

For some of my jewellery designs I use recycled and varied materials and source some elements locally such as the sheep and alpaca wool, natures harvest from country and coastal walks.

Wool jewellery is available in varied shapes and colour combinations but if there is a particular colour, shape, style of jewellery design you would like, I can make to order so please do get in touch by sending me an order enquiry through my custom order form https://crystalclarke.com/custom-order

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